Pantomime Fear - Luke Rathborne - Dog Years / I Can Be One (Double EP) (Vinyl)

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  2. Nov 18,  · Luke performs "Dog Years" live at the Three Clubs in Hollywood. Cut with footage from the Spacehog tour. Available on g vinyl from http://thedilettan.
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  6. Maine-born, Brookyln-based musician Luke Rathborne is still in his early 20s, but he is already off to a promising start.  Rathborne has opened for the Strokes and played with Devendra Banhart, among other accolades.  Now, he has two EPs, Dog Years and I Can Be One, available for purchase on iTunes.
  7. Luke Rathborne - Dog Years EP/I Can Be One EP review: If the songs contained on this collection of Rathborne's two EP's is any indication, this young singer/songwriter is going to be someone to keep an eye on in the next few years.
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