Pirate Waters (Full No Leads) - Martin Haene & Yves Michel - Rip Riffin Guitar Adrenaline (CD)

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  6. The names of all of the Pirates, Privateers, Corsairs and Explorers that I have compiled biographies for so far are all listed for you below.
  7. Jul 26,  · Spread. On November 13th, , YTMND user graywolf created a site titled "You are a pirate" featuring the cover artwork of Dina Anastasio's children's book "Pirates" set to the LazyTown song. On May 21st, , YTMND user drunkauron created another site with the song accompanied by a photograph of a CD containing a pirated copy of the Microsoft XP operating system (shown below, right).
  8. Sep 07,  · This send-up of The Pirates of Penzance was clearly inspired by the success of Papp's Pirates on Broadway. The adaptation is extremely loose; we see far more of Trevor Farrant and Peter Sullivan than of Gilbert and Sullivan. The protagonists — Kristy MicNichol and Christopher Atkins — were teen idols at the time this was made, and the film was clearly intended to appeal to a juvenile audience.

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