Glamour Profession - The Hoops McCann Band - Plays The Music Of Steely Dan (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. band take on the song “Aja” on his LP Chick, Donald, Walter & Woodrow (), and bassist Christian McBride’s ebullient rendition of the same song for his CD Sci-Fi (), as well as the long out-of-print LP Hoops McCann Plays the Music of Steely Dan (). Today, to paraphrase Bud Powell, the scene has changed: a generation of young.
  2. Steel band, Trinidadian music ensemble, particularly associated with Carnival, that is primarily composed of steel idiophones—called pans or steel pans—made from the bottoms of gallon oil barrels. The barrel bottoms are hammered inward, different areas being shaped to yield distinct pitches.
  3. by Hoops McCann on 1/16/ pm The guy in the song is an idiot. He think's all he has to do is sell his house and he'll reach enlightenment. The lyrics seem banal because the character is banal. It's Steely Dan having a dig at rich airheads and their flip attitudes towards Buddhism. I love it.
  4. The second ding is "Green Earrings." Here Hoops and the band are playing a chart the was done for the Chick, Donald, Walter and Woodrow album. On this disk, the Woody Herman Big Band plays "Earring" and a number of other Dan tunes. By comparison, Hoop's take on the tune sounds like a demo of the final Woody Herman version/5(6).
  5. Oct 01,  · In August, MCA released an album in America entitled The Hoops McCann Band Plays The Music of Steely Dan. The album contains seven big band arrangements of tracks from various Steely Dan albums, plus a version of the Fagen-Becker song, Rapunzel, which they composed for an album they produced for Pete Christlieb and Warne Marsh called Apogee.
  6. Mar 01,  · Also, I don't think Gaucho is a perfect album, but do find that for the most part it's one of Steely Dan's more subversive albums. Songs like "Babylon Sisters" and "Glamour Profession" are critical of the hedonistic and seedy side of LA nightlife, yet musically they sound like they could be the soundtrack for that lifestyle.
  7. You can search Steely Dan's discography, and yes you will find some great music, but the closest thing you will come to that compares to this album is Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly". This album set the bar for me as far as jazz rock is concerned, and the title track "Aja" set .
  8. AAJ: There's a great story in the notes about the harp player (Corky Hale) playing on your session in between sets backing up Tony Bennett at the Waldorf Astoria hotel? LM: That's the story. I hope it's true. I know she missed the gig. The story was that Tony was on and he was doing his thing and he didn't realize she wasn't there and he introduced her anyway and then he sang the song by himself!
  9. Back last Spring, the or so Danfans here at the Dandom Digest, plus, fans at wighvolknamidisttipikerapemasu.coinfo-dan, the Sign In Stranger Guestbook, and the Danfan groups at Yahoo! Were invited to vote for their favorite fan gatherings, Steely Dan shows and more. This second phase of the awards are related to the Steely Dan shows themselves on the tour.

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